Provillus Ingredients And Side Effects: Does it Work Fast & Effective? [2019 NEW]

Aren’t you confident about your hair and its volume? Do you miss your old hairstyles?

Would you like to restore that fuller head of hair through natural means? If yes, try the ultimate hair growth solution, Provillus!

Hair loss and baldness is no less like a nightmare any of us would ever like to experience. It is in fact, the worst and upsetting feeling in the world when nothing works to stop our lovely hair from falling.

A condition like this or alopecia is more likely to affect your mental state, on top of your looks. At times, the baldness is permanent, which further upsets people, affects their confidence and causes them to develop inferiority complex.

Thankfully, there are comprehensive hair treatments like Provillus that promises to reinstate that fuller and thicker hair you once had. It is important to note that provillus is an innovative, research backed formula that targets and addresses the cause of hair thinning, while repairing the hair follicles for the re-growth of hair.

But since men and women have different bodily needs and their body reacts differently to things, thereby, Provillus comes in two different versions, one caters men and the other caters women. Provillus, through an approach like this manages to discover the accurate cause of baldness in each and turn a precise solution for it.


Provillus for men aims to prevent hair thinning, re-grow hair and make it stronger like never before. Ingredients that support these promises are:

  • Vitamin B6: The significance of this water soluble vitamin can be judged by the fact that an insufficiency of Vitamin B6 can result in several disorders and hair loss is one. To say the least, it supports hair growth and averts balding.
  • Magnesium: Our body needs the mineral to grow and maintain healthy hair.
  • Biotin: The importance of Biotin is no less than vitamin B6. Much to our knowledge, it is as essential for the health of hair and a lacking of it can lead to hair thinning.
  • Zinc: Zinc plays an active role in the distribution of cells, thereby, it is held responsible for the maintenance of hair. Research on the mineral suggests that a healthy supply of zinc can literally prevent hair baldness, and on the other hand, add to hair density.
  • Saw palmetto: The plant extract lessens dihydrotestosterone and discourages the receptor sites that support the absorption of dihydrotestosterone. Through a mechanism like this, the ingredient enables provillus to seize the cause of hair thinning.

Provillus for women shares the same purpose, that is, to prevent hair fall, stimulate hair growth and make your hair get healthier and stronger. The female version shares few ingredients like Vitamin B6, Magnesium and biotin from the male formula, while the others that add to this treatment are:

  • Horsetail: The plant extract tends to be a good source of silica, amino acid and minerals, all of which encourage a healthy distribution of blood to the scalp. This is not only favorable for health of scalp, but also for the growth of hair.
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid: The chemical ‘nurtures’ the hair and protects it from the harmful rays of sun. Besides having the quality to care for your hair, it also promotes hair growth and ensures to keep it healthy.


The natural composition of the formula makes it less likely to violate your health. The product is aimed to help you without worsening your problems and letting you pay a heavy cost in any sense. Provillus is safe because the ingredients in provillus are safe!


If you are in search of a good hair fall treatment and are interested to invest in a natural therapy, Provillus is your deal. However, if your expectations are to turn ‘hairy’ overnight, then Provillus will disappoint you to the greatest.

It produces effects in a matter of weeks, or can take even months. On top of that, it also requires you to use it without any gap, consistently and regularly.

Provillus is an effective hair growth tool for men and women both. It has worked for people and has excellent user ratings that further authenticate its value.