Provillus Hair ReGrowth: What To Expect? SHOCKING REVIEW!

The powerful formula that is used in theProvillus Formula is something that can work wonders in individuals. Vitality of hair and growth could be better when you use Provillus creams. Strong and healthy hair is easy to boast for anyone while using provillus.

The mineral content present in it, the rich herbs, the vitamins and many more special ingredient in minute levels, helps you to grow stronger hair than ever before.

Only FDA approved ingredients are used in the making of the provillus. When new hair will not grow in a place where hair falls off, baldness occurs. While using provillus, you are increasing the best chances for re growth of hair in the already bald areas of your head too. You do not have to look to do a hair translation or a cosmic surgery for these reasons. It could be expensive option and there are side effects to bother while adopting such techniques as well.

Quick Facts About Provillus

Product Name: Provillus
Overall Rating:
Ingredients: minoxidil 5%
Side Effects: Non – 100% safe to use
Effectiveness: Yes
Guarantee: 90 Days
User’s Reviews: Positive

The cycle of hair growth is quite interesting. Every other strand of hair has its own growth and rest period. It can grow for about 6 years at the most. Then it comes to a standstill condition. After sometime it falls off. When it falls some more new strands will arise in the same place. It is how the growth of hair is happening in the human heads. At any point of time you can see at least 15 percentage of your entire hair, in the resting phase.

Lawsonia inermis is the sole plant that could actually be referred as authentic henna.  It is one of the ingredients of the organic kind that is used for best growth of hair, in Provillus. The highest content of the dye is present actually in the leaf petiole of the henna leaves. You cannot find any ingredients of dye in the bark of the plant or even in the twigs or in the root stock for that matter. You need to consistently apply it every now and then before the greyish hair becomes completely visible to others.

How it Works?

Provillus Repeated applications will enable the user to develop a rich looking, deeper color hair. Generally people are worried about going for succeeding applications. They might wonder if it would lead to hair fall out. Here is the answer for you women though.  There is no chemical mixed in the natural Provillus. It is not a chemical dye prepared in the laboratory, which you buy from the pharmacies and supermarkets. Provillus enriches the hair.

Some women, in general, start to notice a lot of hairs shed after opting to choose the darker color henna. It is just because of the noticeable darker color and certainly not because of the application of Provillus cream. It is quite common amidst women in the worldwide countries, to shed about 150 strands in a day. It grows back. Provillushas the special acids that tightens the area around the scalp and prevents shedding of hair to a certain extent.


  • To help and prevent the hair loss
  • To promote the growth of hair
  • To rejuvenate the follicles of hair
  • Made under the guidance of FDA
  • No side effects out of chemical preservatives and dyes
  • PCP treatment
  • DHT blocker

Skinny women should not practice work outs in tread mills. Especially, the stair stepper machines should be kept at bay. These are cardio exercises which are really good for health though. Still, if you are looking to gain weight, then you should not bother stepping up a tread mill. Eat as much protein rich foods as you could do so. Sharp gain in weight could be noticed in a short period of time. Avocados, nuts as well as those oils with unsaturated fatty acids are essentially to be consumed. Supplement the usage of Provillus cream for healthy hair growth as well. You can see remarkable change in your overall appearance to impress everyone.

How to Use Provillus?

It is easy to see how Provillus works wonders in arresting the hair fall and re-growth of the hair.  It is due to the combination of both natural and other ingredients which makes it so powerful as compared to the other products in the market.  The most functional ingredient in Provillus is minoxidil.

Originally it was sold as 2% solution in 1996; after two years, i.e. in 1998 the percentage improved to 5% and it became a part of Provillus formula to be applied on dry hair.  After a long trial it was proved that minoxidil 5% is an effective way to induce re-growth of hair and Provillus got FDA approval.  If used in the subscribed twice a day dosage there are no harmful side effects.

Women love their hair, and they love their snacks too. While there are millions of women that would well want to shed their additional weight off, there are also these peculiar types of slender, skinny women that love to gain some weight by hook or crook. Yes, it is that difficult for them to gain weight irrespective of whatever they do eat. The body of these skinny women are naturally dispositional in such a way that their body type cannot be altered quite easily. Hair growth could be affected due to internal problems caused out of obesity too. Yes, you need to deal with it carefully though.

Provillus gives adequate nutrition to the hair follicles to strengthen and keep the microbial attack of any kind at bay. Sometimes you might see some strange complaints too. Genetic combination is the prime factor here. You cannot change the combination of your genes altogether while there is always possibility for transition to take place over a period of time. Still, the usage of Provillus cream in any case will be a definite plus to provide you substantial organic health to protect your hair and effect great hair growth.

Provillus Ingredients

The other ingredients included in Provillus are more novel and unique.  These were used by various tribes and ancient people. These are nettle root, seed of the pumpkins, ‘Eluethero’ and ‘Uva-Ursi’.  In ancient times root of nettle was used to wash hair and was said to boost the growth of the hair.

Seeds of pumpkins have magical powers in keeping hair healthy and glossy and were used by Incas and Mayans in the past.  Eleuthero is a type of ginseng taken by Chinese and South Asians to improve strength, energy and health and ‘Uva-Ursi’ is another unique ingredient which is commonly recognized as a plant and has beneficial effect on keeping the body healthy and comfortable.


Provillus Hair Loss Solution does not make any false claim about the instant re-growth of hair, on the contrary it maintains that twice a day dosage will help in arresting the hair fall and helps in re-growth.  You may have tried going to spas, saloons and doctors who were unable to help you; however, rest assured that the claim made by Provillus is not false or an advertisement gimmick.  It is real and true.

Provillus is a wonder formula, which if used in a subscribed manner not only helps in re growth of hair but also improves the appearance of its users and makes them more presentable.

It is generally harmless and has no side effects; however, it comes with a warning that it is advisable to take only two dosages a day.  You want to look good, have a glossy and healthy hair, cascading down from your head throughout your life, try Provillus it is said to perform miracle, and help to  improve your appearance for better.

Provillus Prices and Packages

1 Packages (1 month): $39.95

2 Packages – Buy 2 Packages And Save $10: $69.95

4 Packages – Buy 3 Packages, Get 1 Free (4 month): $119.95

Buy 4 Packages, Get 2 Free Best Value (6 month): $159.95