Provillus Benefits: Does It Really Work or SCAM? [2019 Updated]

You are a male or a female in the prime of your life  and at the top of your career, have everything you want from life, friends, family, and a comfortable life style; you are beautiful, have a head full of glossy hair, which you consider the best feature of your appearance. One day you casually look in a mirror and suddenly discover that your hair are thinning and you remember that your father and grandfather became bald in their middle ages, so you start panicking.  You do not want to go bald or develop a patch at the top of your head; you want to keep your good looks till the end of your life your curls and thick strands of hair.

You have heard of cosmetic cure such as hair transplantation, a surgical treatment which transfer hair follicles from other parts of your body and plant them on your head.  However, you are hesitant, you do not to go to the drastic length of a surgery but you still want a head full of healthy hair.  Do not despair; there is a wonder treatment formula which helps in re-growth of hair without surgery or weaving hair.  It is safe, scientific and does not contain harmful ingredients.  The name of the wonder treatment is Provillus, and it is marketed all over the world.

Provillus is a formula for the treatment of hair loss, which not only helps in the re-growth of hair but is also beneficial to the hair follicles as well.  In order to understand how Provillus helps in re-growth  we need to understand why hair loss occurs in men.  As we know that men are generally prone to loss of hair, because of their genetic pattern or DNA.  The cause of hair loss is due to the excess presence of a hormone known as DHT, scientifically known as Dihydrotestosterone.  If the presence of DHT in the body is lowered than it is easy to arrest the fall of hair or help in its re-growth.  Provillus has an ingredient which is known as Minoxidil 5%, this decreases the power of DHT and thus arrests the loss of hair fall.

Why to Choose Provillus?

It is easy to see how Provillus works wonders in arresting the hair fall and re-growth of the hair.  It is due to the combination of both natural and other ingredients which makes it so powerful as compared to the other products in the market.  The most functional ingredient in Provillus is minoxidil.  Originally it was sold as 2% solution in 1996; after two years, i.e. in 1998 the percentage improved to 5% and it became a part of Provillus formula to be applied on dry hair.  After a long trial it was proved that minoxidil 5% is an effective way to induce re-growth of hair and Provillus got FDA approval.  If used in the subscribed twice a day dosage there are no harmful side effects.

Provillus does not make any false claim about the instant re-growth of hair, on the contrary it maintains that twice a day dosage will help in arresting the hair fall and helps in re-growth.  You may have tried going to spas, saloons and doctors who were unable to help you; however, rest assured that the claim made by Provillus is not false or an advertisement gimmick.  It is real and true.


Minoxidil 5% is also responsible for improvement of blood flow to the head.  With the greater flow of blood the healthy nutrients delivered speedily and it is easy to flush out toxics efficiently from the region.  The activity of cells improves exponentially as well.  It is observed that with the intake of Minoxidil 5% the loss of hair decreases while the re-growth of hair improves substantially.  When you find more hair growing on your head you will see that the thickness of hair increases. Apart from Minoxidil 5%, Provillus also contains several other natural ingredients.

  • ‘Saw Palmetto’, which is also active in decreasing the activity of DHT
  • ‘Vitamin B6’.  This is a part of B-complex vitamin which dissolves in water. Vitamin B6 is good for healthy functioning of the body including growth of hair.  The customers using Provillus are required to apply or spry the formula directly only on the bald patch of thinning part of the hair, through spray or dropper.  It is known that another function of vitamin B6 is to bind the DHT to the ‘receptors’; thus blocking the effect of harm likely to be done on hair roots.
  • Provillus also contains biotin, a part of Vitamin B, which helps carbohydrates and  fats to metabolize in the body efficiently. The increased metabolism means healthy growth of nails, hair and skin.
  • Zinc is a mineral which play an important role in improving the working of enzymes and keeps ‘immune systems’ of our body healthy.  It helps in the growth of good skin, nails and hair systems.

The other ingredients included in Provillus are more novel and unique.  These were used by various tribes and ancient people. These are nettle root, seed of the pumpkins, ‘Eluethero’ and ‘Uva-Ursi’.  In ancient times root of nettle was used to wash hair and was said to boost the growth of the hair. Seeds of pumpkins have magical powers in keeping hair healthy and glossy and were used by Incas and Mayans in the past.  Eleuthero is a type of ginseng taken by Chinese and South Asians to improve strength, energy and health and ‘Uva-Ursi’ is another unique ingredient which is commonly recognized as a plant and has beneficial effect on keeping the body healthy and comfortable.

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