How Provillus works: Should You Try It? Crazy Results [2019]

Daily a number of new products come on the market claiming to improve your looks, make you fair, improve your appearance, and give you silky hair or a head full of healthy hair.   In many countries of the world, particularly in the developing countries, looking good is crucial for men and women, both for personal relationship and achieving success in career.  New and innovative products come out every day, claiming to help in shedding excess weight immediately, giving a fair skin to dusky individuals after a day or two of use, or curing baldness instantly.  There are advertisements and claims from producers and a counter claims from the competitors.

Hair loss is of particular concern to both women and men as healthy and thick hair are considered a sign of attractiveness. Over the years many new products have come on the market claiming to cure baldness and arrest the fall of hair.  Some of the products have come out from the well known cosmetic firms, some of them claim to have only herbal ingredients and all of them claim to be the only miraculous cure for baldness. Plastic cosmetic industry claims that they can help bald individuals to get instant cure through hair weaving or hair transplant.  Recently cosmetic market is buzzing with a new miraculous cure for baldness, known as ‘Provillus’.

The makers of Provillus say that is the best product which helps in the re-growth of hair and the treatment does not contain either hair weaving or hair transplantation.  Provillus contains many herbal ingredients, including minoxidil, alcohol, natural vitamins, minerals, water, propylene, glycol and purified water.  The product contains minoxidil 5%.  Provillus has been cleared and obtained a certificate of clearance from the FDA, (US, Federation of Foods and Drugs Administration).

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How Effective is Provillus For Hair Loss?

Provillus advises the customers to directly apply the formula on the bald patch or the place where the hair is thinning, twice a day only.  They can either use a spray or a dropper supplied along with the product.  They can directly spray the formula on the bald or thinning patch or use dropper to reach the place where they need to grow hair. There are different formulae for men and women and who are strictly advised to use the product meant for their gender only.

Provillus has a separate hair growth formula for men.  It is said that nearly eighty five millions people suffer from baldness and use some remedy or the other to arrest baldness or thinness of hair.  Many experts say that men’s baldness is hereditary and genetic and if the father and the other members of the family suffer from baldness than there is a hundred percent chance the offspring will also go bald.  They say that their formula, if used regularly twice a day, through spray or dropper, is bound to cure both types of baldness, patches or thinning. The formula targets hair re growth and requires no surgery, hair weaving or transplant.

Women are strongly advised by Provillus makers not to use the formulae meant for men as the genetic pattern of both men and women are different. The formula for women contains fortified natural ingredients. One may as well ask, why do women need hair re growth formula, they generally have thick hair and do not show any signs of baldness as they mature unlike men who start losing their hair in late thirties and forties. Maybe the fact is not well known but women also suffer from hereditary hair loss.

How to Apply Provillus?

It is said that average women lose 100,000 hair follicles every day and if the daily hair loss is 150 hairs every day, than it is likely that the hair will not grow back healthy and no amount of hair styles can hide the fact.  The hair fall is very rapid after menopause due to hormonal change in the body.  The women are advised to administer. Provillus twice a day, directly through spray or dropper on the affected areas. The correct method of usage is to spray tiny amount of Provillus on the place where you want the re growth of hair.  You can use dropper, if you think it will be easy to administer one or two drops.

It is a human weakness to increase the subscribed dosage of anything with a hope that increased amount would help in a rapid re growth of hair.  However, the manufacturers of the product have issued a serious warning not to increase the dosage from two times a day.  The increased dosage is said to have serious side effects.

The result can be facing difficulty in general breathing, some people may suffer from swelling of lips and tongue, or have dizzy spells, or feel light in their heads.  Sometimes the skin is also affected and becomes itchy and looks red in color.  If the users display all or any one of the symptoms they are advised to stop immediately and consult a reputed doctor.

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