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The most prominent part of one’s personality is the hair on the head. They can either make you look attractive or unattractive. Many people are facing hair loss problems due to multiple reasons, such as unhealthy dietary habits, stressful lives and mostly shampoos with chemicals that are not good for hair on daily basis.

As a result, hair loss is a major growing universal problem. To top it off, there are no possible medicines in everyone’s access. An average human being normally sheds 50-100 hair strands a day. This occurs when the process of hair growth and shedding is disrupted. Hair loss is not fully understood but it’s related to the family history, hormonal changes or certain medical conditions.

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When hair loss is related to the genetics of the individual, it usually occurs gradually and in predictable patterns. The family history of hair loss also effects the age at which you begin to lose hair.

Baldness is very common in men and women and can begin as early as puberty. Changes in hormonal behavior of the body also causes temporary hair loss troubles. These levels are affected by the thyroid gland, thus thyroid problems do cause drastic hair loss.

One medicine that covers it all is known as Provillus. This is a supplement that is created for both men and women accordingly. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this company has gained a repute of serving supplements that out stand all others in the market. This hair loss treatment has been created to prevent hair loss and help re-grow natural hair in a matter of weeks.

This product is used to create the specific environment so that new, healthy strands of hair appear without the need of surgery. This supplement offers the vital nutrition that is crucial to bring back dead hair follicles to life and prevent further hair loss. The company claims to help bald individuals with their problem, and requires no prescription when purchasing these amazing solutions.

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For Men

provillus-mens-bottleThe formula consists of two different compounds; one for men and the other for women. For the masculine side, beautiful hair, full of volume is a sign of positive health. With the growing of age the thinning of hair starts to increase rapidly.

At times for young individuals it is simply impossible to tackle this problem without any medical supplements. There are many male individuals who suffer from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). This is a genetic problem that is inherited by the ancestors. Although no science can change the genetic traits, however they can be changed by the help of supplements that are 100% result oriented.

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For Women

provillus-women-bottleHair loss problems are suffered by a number of women as well. An estimate of one out of every four has been known to deal with hair loss problems and the first signs appear around the time of menopause. A special thanks to Provillus, the formula now claims to help those poor individuals to get those strands of precious hair growing out of their roots in no time.

Many people often claim that this hair fall problem extends from too much hair drying, brushing, curling or styling. Of course these are all false statements. The actual cause of female pattern baldness is genetic or due to any hormonal imbalances from health issues.

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Proven Benefits

Once the user has purchased the product online, they gain the advantage of a natural formula free of any harmful substance. These products have been tested and found to be effective for overall health. With no prescription needed for its purchase it is most certainly assured that they are side effect free. It seems that other supplements for hair loss only cure pattern baldness. The active ingredients in this compound are quite helpful to overcome this worldwide problem. Consisting of;

b6-iconVitamin B6:  A kind of vitamin that performs a variety of functions in the body and is essential for the growth of hair. Needed for the metabolism of blood cells it is also required by the nervous and immune system of the body in order to perform its function correctly.

Magnesium: is a mineral found in the body. It is crucial to maintain its levels throughout the body in order for a good health. Alongside calcium it enhances healthy regeneration of hair cells.

horsetail-silica-iconHorsetail Silica: An ingredient that flourished in the form of trees millions of years ago on earth is also an active ingredient in this capsule. The plant’s leaves and stems are dried out and later used. It seems that horsetail silica has been used as a form of medicine by many past civilizations as well.

Para-amino benzoic acid: This ingredient has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays; it reduces the wrinkles on the skin and because of this, it is used in many sunscreen preparations.

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Priceless Features of “Provilllus”

The remarkable features of this simple supplement gives it an edge over the rest, mainly because it is proven by the FDA and it gets to the root of the problem that is the reason of the hair loss.

hair-modelIt has ingredients that fight against the hair loss and give vitality and easy growth to the hair, naturally. The process is simple. The solution is applied to the scalp and from the first use, the product promotes hair growth.

Yes! In a matter of weeks you get to witness it is just the right treatment for the hair fall problems as it helps grow new hair follicles and beautiful thich hair strands.

Since it has minoxidil present in the solution, you no longer have to worry about your hair problems anymore! Minoxidil is a very useful element for the prevention of hair loss. Incredible results take time as the growth of hair is a time consuming process in itself. Also these supplements provide other features such as:

  • Fast effective results
  • Users achieve visible results in a matter of weeks.
  • Thanks to a potent concentration of minoxidil. 95% of users can enjoy what the supplement has to offer.
  • The other 5% get a money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase if no results are seen.
  • Provillus is only available through the official website, thus any chances of counterfeiting is reduced.

How Has It Helped?

Many users are happy and satisfied with this online hair loss solution. Being online can save the customers the hassle and the embarrassment when buying such a product. Just simply place an order online and within a specific time period it discreetly reaches your doorstep.

pie-graphPeople cherish using it and have shown a lot of trust on its credibility and effectiveness. The supplement has the power to transform  people’s life from the worst to the most excellent times in any social or professional community. It has enlightened the depressed by enhancing their confidence that comes itself when they get rid of baldness and hair loss.

Many people have gained their loved ones by impressing them with their new look. It has attributed to the physical appearance of both the genders and has put smiles on their faces. It is a wholesome winning hair fall solution with people aged generally 30s and above.

Satisfied Customers

Many customers have left online testimonials from around the world on the website. This increases the repute of the company and its product’s credibility. The role it plays regarding hair growth cannot be compared to any other product available throughout the worldwide market. It takes time to nurture and produce the best results. This gives it a plausible hand on more and more customer’s online every day.


FDA Approved

FDAIt is a clinically proven hair growth formula for a perfect hair growth and hair loss. Many users do not hesitate to call it a happy supplement that can change their personality and lifestyle for the best. Almost all users claim they have achieved expected results in a short time. Within a few weeks their bald spots were covered and hair loss had drastically reduced. It is approved by the FDA authorities.

Devastating Effects of Hair Loss

The effects of hair loss are devastating and tremendous. It seems that both men and women of all ages tend to give more priority to the hair these days.

The emotional aspects of dealing with hair loss can be disastrous. A stressful experience for everyone, if we catch up on history it would be noticed that the attitude towards baldness had been negative and even in the modern times people fail to get married or are unable to join showbiz because of this rising issue.

Hair loss causes both men and women to look older; they mostly start giving up on life and start becoming introverts. Consequently, for many, the advent of hair loss dramatically signals the end of youth, vitality and desirability. The loss of the hairline can change a person’s appearance substantially to a great extent.

Hair loss changes the appearance and the entire look of the face by shifting the balance of the face to the forehead thus making it more prominent on the entire face, resulting in an aged appearance. The people who are the victim to this, are thwarted and disappointed at that time and feel anxious to camouflage thinning hair and the inability to style their hair as they would like, in the past.

Scientific studies reveal that women tend to suffer more emotionally and psychologically upheavals than men on losing hair. The results of these tests showed that women were much more perturbed about the way they looked than men. They tend to feel insecure about their appearance and how the world will accept them! As a result they prefer staying indoors and this can lead to an utter depression. Likewise 75% of men with hair loss have a weary confidence while talking to the opposite sex.

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Alternative Solutions

Focusing on the problem of hair loss, there is a wide variety of alternatives to hide it from the world. Many individuals turn towards a vast variety of wigs and hair extensions.

They are a temporary solution, usually made from human hair or synthetic hair fiber. The purpose is to make the hair to show more volume. Experts usually suggest those with clip on attachments. Using hair wigs or extensions are a non surgical option for people suffering from hair loss. A reminder for everyone, that these extensions and wigs do require a maintenance cost.

Many people just simply comb over a bald spot. That works quite well until the wind messes it up! At this point it seems as if your secret has blown its cover in front of the world.

Synthetic Hair Fiber

Another alternative is the use of synthetic hair fibers that are sprayed onto the head. These are tiny electrostatic fibers that stick to the hair and help to hide any bald spots on the head. These hair fibers come in a variety of shades and colors and it is crucial to get the matching shade for your hair otherwise it would be very prominent. Some products that are meant to be sprayed also consisting of colored fibers allow the user to spray over the patch and conceal it. When using such products it is advised that “less is more”, because using them for longer period might not be suitable for the remaining hair!


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Most commonly many hair stylists suggest that if you’re going bald and if it’s not worth trying to grow your hair to disguise them, it is better to embrace your hair loss and go for a shorter, more textured look. Although many people who have a passion for long hair are not happy with this suggestion and they are unwilling to compromise on the length of their hair. It is suggested that the hair length should be short without revealing the scalp. The hair should be cut bluntly rather than in a choppy fashion. Using the right styling products helps in a great way too.

Unleash the New You!

With the advent of this wondrous supplement a new time has began. A one in which a winning rich experience has come to most of the saloons and the seats of the hair stylists have gained momentum. All the credit is rendered to this miraculous hair formula that suits all ages and both genders.

Try Provillus Solution now and witness the new you! 

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